Looking to simplify your cloud infrastructure? Or reduce your cloud bill? With the emma multi-cloud management platform, you say goodbye to the headaches of managing complex cloud environments, and hello to a more streamlined, efficient approach.
More cloud value,
less cloud cost

What's in it for you?
Streamline your cloud operations, automate resource provisioning, and achieve centralized control and visibility across multiple cloud providers.
Reduced cloud spend
Identify underutilized resources, get rightsizing options and real-time cost insights to save up to 55% on your cloud bill.
Reduced deployment time
Enable rapid deployment by automating application scaling, and facilitating seamless integration across diverse cloud environments.
Create your virtual infrastructure across multiple cloud service providers — hyper scalers or regional providers — in a couple of clicks and manage it without code change.
Easy to deploy and manage
Manage your applications and infrastructure regardless of where they are hosted, leveraging the best features and services offered by each provider without being locked into a single environment.
No vendor lock-in
Monitor performance, analyze resource utilization, enforce security protocols, and ensure regulatory compliance seamlessly across all clouds through a unified dashboard.
Centralized view
Why the emma platform?
Get your cloud freedom back

At emma we believe in freedom of choice. That's why you can use the platform as long as you enjoy the value of it or you can stop using it, whenever you want, without any additional cost or hidden charges
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