Effortless cluster management across diverse cloud providers
Constant connectivity through the emma cloud networking backbone
Unparalleled flexibility with single and multi-cluster deployments
Enjoy unmatched cloud freedom with True Multi-Cloud Kubernetes
Configure and scale your cloud operations by reducing Kubernetes complexity any way you want
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Complete, end-to-end managed Kubernetes services through a centralized dashboard
Re-imagine your Kubernetes operations with ease
Unleash unparalleled flexibility and resilience with our cloud-agnostic, multi-cloud emma managed Kubernetes services. Enjoy optimized resource performance within a single cluster and leverage the advantages of geographic distribution and redundancy across multiple clusters and clouds. Dive into a world where your infrastructure adapts as quickly as your business does
Multi-cluster flexibility
Seamlessly create and manage distinct clusters across a variety of cloud providers, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization in deployment environments.
Single-cluster elasticity
Effortlessly expand your cluster across multiple cloud providers, leveraging the unique benefits of different platforms through a single dashboard.
Centralized management
Simplify your Kubernetes experience with an intuitive interface reducing learning curves and empowering teams to navigate diverse deployment models with ease.
What differentiates the emma platform for your
managed Kubernetes services?
Cluster is set up with a control plane distributed between 3 providers (AWS, Azure, GCP). You can add nodes from any of these providers
Cluster is set up with a control plane distributed between 3 providers (AWS, Azure, GCP). You can add nodes from any of these providers
Enhance your efficiencies with emma`s Kubernetes
No coding required
No vendor lock-in
No limits
Futureproof your cloud operations with emma
  • Enhanced user experience
    Unlock a streamlined Kubernetes experience with
    emma's unified management interface. Whether you're
    handling single-cluster or multi-cluster environments,
    emma simplifies the process, reducing the learning
    curve for your teams.
  • Elastic deployment models
    Tailor your deployment model to match your specific
    needs. Opt for a single-cluster setup for straightforward
    simplicity, then seamlessly scale with additional multicluster
    environments as your demands grow.
  • Resource optimization
    Optimize resource utilization by selecting the most
    suitable deployment model for different workloads.
    Efficiently allocate resources based on performance and
    scalability requirements.
Unlock flexibility, simplify operations
Avoid vendor
Streamline your
control pane
Unified networking
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