Your presence here suggests you're in search of a cloud networking backbone that delivers lightning-fast performance without breaking the bank. Well, you're in luck! The emma networking backbone is your solution, offering a standard 100Mbps connectivity that effortlessly scales up to a high-octane 100 Gbps.

But here's the exciting part: just because your workloads move at warp speed doesn't mean you'll be hit with a hefty bill...
Need more speed?

Because it's designed for blazing-fast connections and ultra-low latency pathways, ensuring a flawless exchange of data and traffic between data centers and cloud providers.

This means your data glides effortlessly, resulting in lightning-quick response times and unparalleled application performance that leaves your end-users thrilled and satisfied
We've mastered the art of optimizing data transfer efficiency between cloud providers through strategic direct connections and peering agreements. The result?

Cloud connectivity improves through our backbone, and the best part? It comes at a fraction of the cost – 66% less of what cloud providers typically charge for their direct connect services.
Our network boasts built-in redundancy and fault tolerance, proactively rerouting traffic during challenges for uninterrupted connectivity.

Robust security, including encryption and firewalls, shields data in transit, ensuring compliance and trust.
While other multi-cloud management platforms offer some networking capabilities for managing cloud environments, the emma platform redefines multi-cloud connectivity. By providing a unified networking fabric, emma simplifies the complexities of managing cloud resources across different providers. It facilitates secure connections, implements network policies, and optimizes traffic routing, enabling organizations to build resilient and highly available network architectures...
How the emma platform redefines multi-cloud connectivity
Craft your virtual infrastructure across a multitude of cloud service providers, whether they're global giants or regional champions, with just a few clicks. Manage it with ease, all without needing a single line of code.
Seamless deployment and management
Take charge of your applications and infrastructure, no matter where they call home. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and harness the finest features and services offered by each provider, all without confinement to a single environment.
No more vendor lock-in
Gain a bird's-eye view of it all. Monitor performance, scrutinize resource usage, enforce top-tier security protocols, and ensure rock-solid regulatory compliance – across every cloud you touch, all from a single, centralized dashboard.
Unify your view
Why the emma platform?
Embrace a unified networking fabric, supercharged data transfers, and ironclad security to streamline your cloud landscape. Experience peak performance, rapid issue resolution, and unwavering reliability – all bundled into a single, dependable solution.
Get your cloud freedom back

At emma we believe in freedom of choice. That's why you can use the platform as long as you enjoy the value of it or you can stop using it, whenever you want, without any additional cost or hidden charges
Unlock all benefits of multi-cloud without the complexities
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