Top Cloud Networking Service Providers Report 2024
Discover the top 13 cloud networking service providers, including VMware, Aviatrix, F5, and more. Learn about their emerging innovations, key strengths, and challenges within their respective solutions.
How emma`s ``cloud networking baked into cloud management is a distinctive approach, and that emma also operates its own network backbone, a feature which is available only from a select group of vendors in the report.``
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Featured in the Innovator/Platform play quadrant of the GigaOm Radar for Cloud networking industry report, emma is disrupting the cloud industry with its true multi-cloud capabilities.
"emma is subscribing to a comprehensive multi-cloud management strategy and considering that emma offers a full-stack infrastructure management platform, the solution can deliver on the end-to-end management requirements of an entire organization. emma is one of the few vendors with a focus on integrating with edge service providers and content delivery networks".
Andrew Green,
Research and Analyst GigaOm
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