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Optimize cloud spend, streamline operations, and ensure compliance across diverse cloud environments
  • Cloud cost management and optimization
    Comprehensive cost visibility capabilities, allowing practitioners to gain deep insights into their cloud spending across various cloud providers and services. Using the unified dashboard they can monitor costs in real-time, track cost trends, and identify areas of potential overspending or waste.

    The platform provides detailed cost reporting, cost allocation insights, and analysis of spending patterns. It offers customizable reports, data visualization, and cost breakdowns, empowering the FinOps Team with actionable insights.
  • Budgeting and forecasting
    The platform provides financial planning, budget allocation, and cost projections. FinOps practitioners can use its cost analytics to find cost-saving opportunities, like resizing or terminating resources. Automation and policy enforcement enable automatic resource shutdown and scaling rules, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Cost allocation and chargeback
    Сost allocation features enabling accurate allocation of cloud costs to departments or projects. It offers chargeback mechanisms, customizable cost attribution models, and detailed cost breakdowns, enhancing cost transparency, accountability, and differentiation from incumbents.
  • Governance and compliance
    The emma platform provides centralized control and monitoring of financial governance policies and regulatory compliance. It offers cost optimization insights, automated governance policies, and compliance tracking, enhancing financial governance.
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